A frame on your screen (drawframe)

drawframe allows you to draw a frame on the screen. This frame will always appears on the top of all windows. It is useful if you want to record the desktop for a screencast, for example.

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With the binary for Linux, either from github or from your own compilation (see below), run the program with:

./drawframe 720p

This assumes it has the execution permission. If not:

chmod u+x drawframe

The program takes one argument, wich can be a geometry in the form of <WIDTH>x<HEIGHT>, for example 1280x720. You could also add an offset, positive or negative, for example 1280x720+100+100. So:

./drawframe 1280x720+100+100

You can also use a list of predefined resolution, with an offset of +100+100:

res width height
720p 1280 720
1080p 1920 1080
vga 640 480
svga 800 600
xga 1024 768
wxga 1280 800

For example:

./drawframe 720p

To get more help, use the -h flag.

Compilation from source

If you want to compile from source, use the Makefile and juste run make. You will need the X11 and Xext libraries (you can install them with the packages libx11-dev and libxext-dev on Ubuntu).


Some parts of the code hav been inspired and adapted from recordmydesktop (v0.3.8.1) by John Varouhakis, which you can download at recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net.