Bruno Oberle, computational linguist and developer

Python & Web Developer

I'm a Python & Web Developer and computational linguist. I have worked in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and I'm experienced in data processing and analysis, and in machine learning. I mainly use Python and its libraries and frameworks (Django, Flask, Pandas, TensorFlow...), but I also develop with other languages such as Java, PHP, Javascript...

I am experienced in:

  • software development (online annotation tools, statistical analysis, automatic corpus comparison, neural networks...),
  • data processing and corpus management (databases),
  • machine learning (mainly for coreference resolution in English and French),
  • annotation of data for AI system training and evaluation.

I have published several scientific articles, both in English and French, including in international conferences.

I have taught Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Linux commands but also linguistics to college and university students.

I am always excited to learn new things (especially technical skills like programming languages and frameworks), and to explore new opportunities!

Feel free to contact me via:

Relevant Work Experience

Computational Linguist (NLP)

Oct 2017 – present: University of Strasbourg

Teaching Assistant in Language Technologies (Master level)

Sep 2019 – May 2020: Faculty of Languages, University of Strasbourg (Computer Science Department)

For the Master degree “Language Technologies” (M1 et M2, about 15 students per class):

For the Master degree “Métiers de l'Édition” (Publishing) (M2, about 20 students):

Teaching Assistant in Linguistics (Bachelor level)

Sep 2017 – Aug 2019: Faculty of Literature, University of Strasbourg (Department of Linguistics)

For the Bachelor degree in Linguistics and the Bachelor degree in Literature (between 15 and 100 students per class):

For the Bachelor degree in Education Science (about 120 students):

Developer and Annotator

Feb 2017 – Aug 2017: Lilpa Laboratory (Linguistique, Langues, Parole) (Unité de Recherche 1339), University of Strasbourg

This was an internship for the Democrat project (Description and modelling of reference chains: tools for corpus annotation (with diachronic and cross-linguistic approaches) and automatic processing) from the French National Research Agency (ANR-15-CE38-0008) (go to website).

Relevant Education

Master Degree in Language Technologies

2017: University of Strasbourg

Thesis (read it):

Resources developed:

Main classes (more information on the University website):

Master Degree in French linguistics

2017: University of Strasbourg

Thesis (read it):

Highlights of the research:

Main classes (more information on the University website):

Bachelor Degree in Classical studies (Ancient Greek and Latin)

2015: University of Strasbourg

Main classes (more information in the presentation booklet from the University, page 4):

I wrote about 150 reference sheets on Ancient Greek grammar and linguistics (419 pages).

Modern Greek Language and Civilization

2013: University of Strasbourg

DEUG in Philosophy

2005: Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg II)

DEUG stands for “Diplôme d'Études Universitaires Générales” or General Academic Studies Degree.

I studied at UFR PLISE (Philosophie, Linguistique, Informatique, Science de l'Éducation), Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg.

Main classes:

Other education and experiences

From June 2000 to June 2002, I was a part-time cleaning person for ARSEA in the area of Colmar, France. This was a high-school job. From February 2006 to June 2006, I was a photograph for Pictural, again in the area of Colmar. I made photographs for marriages, parties, etc. I also helped in the store.

I was also the secretary for two associations: the “Centre de Création Image et Son” in Colmar (an association for short movie directors and photographers, about 60 members, from 2002 to 2007); and the “Amicale des Étudiants en Philosophie de Strasbourg” (a student association, from 2005 to 2006). I made the website (at the time) of both associations.

I also started studying history at Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg II), but I got ill and had to stay home for a while. I used this time to teach myself how to code, especially in C, C++, C# and in Perl. Some of my projects, especially those in C#, date back to this period. I also teach myself Ancient Greek and Latin, before going back to school in 2012.


Programming languages

I am proficient with:

I have also significantly used:

I have also basic knowledge of other programming languages, such as Go, Lua, Scala...


   French: native speaker

   English: professional working proficiency

   German: studied at school

Other languages studied:


Data analysis and machine learning:

Natural Language:

Web development:

Operating systems and administration:

Office and writing tools:


I have a master degree in French linguistics.

I have given courses on linguistics at University level.

I have more specifically worked on: