Some of my projects: Natural Language Processing (NLP), programming, linguistics... But also Ancient Greek, electronics, photography or cinema. Click on the “Read more” button to go to the project page.

New website! Random Items Collection:

Want some data to fill out your mock site or test your database setup? Find easily accessible data and facts randomly extracted from Wikipedia.

From simple lists of names or emails to tables and more complex data structures with loops and grouping. Complete html tagged texts. And pictures.

Available at

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Coreference annotation tool (SACR)

Annotate mentions and coreference relations with a simple drag-and-drop. Support for feature annotation for each mention: part of speech, gender, number, grammatical function, etc.

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Coreference databases and corpora for English and French (corefdb)

Analyse coreference in a corpus with a relational databases containing tables for coreference data (mentions, chains, relations) as well as for textual structures (tokens, sentences, paragraphs, texts). Includes linguistic annotations (part of speech, named entity, etc.).

Enriched version of the Democrat corpus for French.

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Neural coreference resolution system for French (cofr)

Automatically detect mentions (including singletons) and coreference relations in a French text with this neural network adaptation of a tool originally designed of English.

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Coreference analysis tool (CRViewer)

Compute coreference chain statistics with pie charts and bar plots.

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Ancient Greek linguistics and grammar reference sheets

Learn Ancient Grammar with my 150 reference sheets (419 pages): morphology (declension, conjugation), phonetics, syntax, usage of tenses and moods...

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New! Coreference exploration and analysis website

A web site to search through coreference data in French (Democrat and Ancor corpora) and compute statistics online.

Annotate, load and analyse your own data.

Will be online soon!

Coreference chains in research articles (master thesis)

A corpus linguistic study of coreference chains in IMRaD research articles: discussing the concepts of referring expression and coreference, building the corpus (webscrapping), designing annotation guidelines, annotating the texts, analyzing the annotations.

This is one of my 2 master theses (in “French linguistics”).

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Visual representation of coreference chains

Various ways of representing coreference relations between linguistic expressions of a text.

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Tree visualization of a dependency parser (dependency2tree)

Convert the CoNLL output of dependency parsers such as StanfordNLP (English) or Talismane (French) into latex or graphviz trees.

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Interactive 3D geometry application

Draw geometry objects in 3D: solids, lines, vectors, planes, functions...

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Regular Expression For Classe Instances (refci)

Search for patterns in list of objects, such as tokens. For example:

[pos="determiner"][pos="noun" lemma="cat"]

to look for a determiner followed by a noun with the lemma cat. This works for objets in any fields, not just for linguistic objects!

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Rule-based coreference resolution tool (master thesis)

Automatically detect coreference with a system built with hand-crafted linguistic rules. I also developed a dictionary of named entities and proper nouns with data useful for coreference resolution, and a dictionary of hypernyms.

This is one of my 2 master theses (in “language technology”).

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Elevation map script with USGS/NASA data

Make colorful elevation maps with NASA ans USGS raw data.

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Ancient Greek font

An Ancient Greek font that resembles the one used by a famous French publisher, created with FontForge.

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Visual timeline creator (mktimeline)

Draw visual timelines from a list of dates and event names.

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Standoff annotations to inline annotations (standoff2inline)

Convert annotations that are separated from their text (indexed by character or token positions) to annotations mixed with their text, such as XML. For example, in the sentence: The cat is drinking milk., the 3rd and 4th words (this is the standoff annotation) form a verb, so the inline annotation would be:

The cat <verb>is drinking</verb> milk.

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Bibtex and Biblatex Entry Generator

Get nice Bibtex entries with preformatted fields easy to fill up to. Easily edit Google Scholar entries.

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Screencasting with Linux

Discover the tools I made and used and to make video tutorials on Linux, by recording my screen and my voice at the same time.

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Photo lab

How a developed and printed my analog photographs in my photo lab at my mother's house.

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My movie projector: a movie theater at home

Discover my 35mm movie projector at my mother's house.

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Selected 3D pictures

Discover a some 3D pictures I have made with Blender some time ago.

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Resistor color band learning game

Learn the color of the bands that give a resistor its nominal value with these drills.

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Laboratory DC power generator

How I made a laboratory DC power generator (2x 1.2V to 20V, 333mA).

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Vocabulary list creator script

Make semi-automatic word lists to study a text in a foreign language.

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Paper flashcards creator script

Prepare flashcards for printing on paper sheets with LaTeX.

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Conversion scripts for coreference annotation formats (corefconversion)

Convert between several formats used in automatique coreference resolution: .jsonlines, .conll, text...

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NASA and USGS raw elevation models as images (hgt2pnm)

Convert raw elevation models from NASA and USGS to PNM image.

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Hexadecimal digits and binary patterns (hexagame)

Learn hexadecimal digits and their equivalent binary patterns with this school project made in assembly.

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A frame on your screen (drawframe)

Draw a frame that appears above all other windows. Useful for recording screencasts.

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Jsonlines to TEI-URS conversion (jsonlines2tei)

Convert the output of automatic coreference resolution systems (.jsonlines) to a format that you can import into the TXM software (.tei).

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A very simple command line “pomodoro” alarm

Take a break every 25 minutes or so with this simple command line Python script that invert the color of your screen at the end of your work session.

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