Coreference analysis tool (CRViewer)

Compute coreference chain statistics with pie charts and bar plots.


download jar (java8) download jar (java11) download code view gitlab repo watch tutorials (YouTube)


There are some tutorials on Youtube (in French) (playlist) (these links open in new window or tab):

Running the program

Download the zip file from the link above. You must decompress it (do not just enter into it with your file manager: decompress it) and then run the crviewer-<VERSION>.jar file.

On Windows, you can double-click on the jar file icon, but this will start Java with the default Windows encoding (Windows-1252). If your text files are encoded using UTF-8, you will need to tell Java to use UTF-8. Start it with the command:

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar crviewer-<VERSION>.jar

or just double-click on the start.bat file.

On Linux, you may use the following command to start the program:

java -jar crviewer-<VERSION>.jar

The program uses JavaFX. Because Java and JavaFX are not packed together since version 11, it is easier if you use Java 8. I will update it for Java 11 soon.