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SACR (“Script d'Annotation des Chaînes de Référence”) is a simple coreference annotation tool. It is a web page: you can use it online, or download it for an offline use. The only thing you need if Firefox (or Chromium/Google Chrome, if you insist).

Getting it

You can access it by clicking here.

SACR is released under the terms of the MPL-2.0 license.

You can download the source code at github.

I also provide the zip for your convenience, so you can use the script offline (just unzip the file and launch the index.html file in Firefox, or Chromium/Google Chrome):



You will find a user guide here. It is a work in progress, with some English sections to be done. It has not yet been proof-read. For the previous version (4): here and here.

Here are some video tutorials in French (playlist):

Extract all the annotations to CSV files (spreadsheet)

This online script converts all your SACR annotations to a series of CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, that you can use in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice Calc, or in a specialized statistic program like R or Python's Pandas.

This works for a single text or a whole corpus (several texts separately annotated with SACR).

The CSV files are:

Conversion Scripts

You can convert between formats online:

You can also download the following scripts to perform the conversion on your own computer

sacr2glozz: a perl script to convert SACR to Glozz.

glozz2sacr: a perl script to convert Glozz to SACR

ExportToGlozz: a groovy macro to export a TXM corpus to Glozz.

To export and import to TXM: