Bruno Oberle


I'm a computational linguist currently working on machine learning error analysis and coreference resolution for the University of Strasbourg (Lilpa laboratory). I'm also a teacher assistant in French linguistics.

See also my LinkedIn profile, and my GitHub and GitLab repositories! And don't forget Youtube!


SACR (Script d'Annotation des Chaînes de Référence): an easy online tool (in html and javascript) to annotate co-reference chains

CRViewer: a tool (in java) to compute co-reference chain statistics

Ancient Greek Linguistics and Grammar Reference Sheets (in French): all about morphology (declension, conjugation, word formation), tool words (prepositions, conjunctions, etc.), syntax, use of difficult words, phonology, and more...


Access my publications here.


Some old photographs I took a long time ago, on flickr.


Tutorials for Analec (playlist):