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CRViewer (CoReference Viewer) is a tool to compute some co-reference chain statistics. It is written in Java and uses JavaFX (requires Java 8 or higher).


It is released under the terms of the MPL-2.0 license.

The code is available on gitlab. Older versions are available on github.

You can download the JAR file here (v1.0.4).

You must decompress the ZIP file (do not just enter into it with your file manager: decompress it) and then run the crviewer-<VERSION>.jar file.

Important note for Windows users: On Windows, you will need to tell Java to use UTF-8. You may start Java with the command line:

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar crviewer-<VERSION>.jar

This line is in the start.bat script in the zip file above, so to start CRViewer on Windows with the above zip, just double-click on the start.bat file rather than the .jar file.

Important note for Linux users: You must install the openjfx package. Just open your graphical package manager and look for the package, or use the command line:

apt install openjfx

To run the .jar file, you must either set the executable bit to be able to run it by double-clicking on it (or at least by choosing the Java Runtim Machine from your file manager contextual menu), or run it with the command line:

java -jar crviewer-<VERSION>.jar

Important note for Mac users: Some problems have been reported when using Java 9 or 10 on MacOS. So if you can, use Java 8 or Windows or Linux.


If you use the program in your academic work, please cite the gitlab link (or the github link for older versions).



There are some tutorials on Youtube (in French) (playlist):