Bib(la)tex entry generator

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Add a press or research article.

Or a book, that is a work where the authors share credit for the work as a whole. (Also covers the @inbook entry type of bibtex: when you want to cite a chapter or an appendix, just use @book and specify the pages number of the chapter with the cite command.)

Or a proceedings or a collection, that is, multiple, self-contained contributions by distinct authors. If it's a book with several contributions, it's a collection. If it's a proceedings conference, then use proceedings.

Or a work of reference such as an encyclopedia or a dictionary. This is a more specific variant of the generic collection entry type. The standard styles will treat this entry type as an alias for collection.

Or a part of the previous types:

Or a technical manual or other documentation.

Or a thesis:

Or a web site or web page (online).

Or a periodical when you want to cite not a specific article in a journal, but a whole (special and thematic) issue.

Or a technical report, or another type of report (research report, white paper...) (use the "type" field to specify the type).

Or something else (misc). Use the field "howpublished" to supply publishing information in free format.

Bibtex entry generator

What do you want to add?

  • article: An article from a journal or magazine.
  • book: A book with an explicit publisher.
  • proceedings: The proceedings of a conference.
  • inproceedings: An article in a conference proceedings.
  • incollection: A part of a book having its own title.
  • phdthesis: A Ph.D. thesis.
  • mastersthesis: A Master's thesis.
  • inbook: A part of a book, usually untitled. May be a chapter (or section, etc.) and/or a range of pages.
  • techreport: A report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series.
  • manual: Technical documentation.
  • booklet: A work that is printed and bound, but without a named publisher or sponsoring institution.
  • misc: For use when nothing else fits.
  • unpublished: A document having an author and title, but not formally published.
  • Source: wikipedia.